The Kookaburra Creek Cafe

The Kookaburra Creek Café

Sandie Docker

The Kookaburra Creek Café by Sandie Docker

Reviewed by Helen

Well I have wanted to read this book since its release and finally I have gotten to it and WOW, everything I have read about it is so right this is an awesome story from start to finish a fabulous debut and I can only see this author flying high in the future and I will be eagerly looking for more new books, because meeting Hattie, Alice and Becca was like being with family and friends I felt so close to them all, I cried, I smiled and I cheered them all on, this is one book that I highly recommend so very moving and emotional.

Hattie, what can I say strong, loving determined to do what she can firstly for her sister and then a young Alice when she lands on the doorstep of The Café alone, scared and uncertain but Hattie takes her under her wing and together they move forward with Alice learning so much and soon with a baby to care for and love, working out what she should and should not do, times can be hard but love shines through with them and the fabulous characters of the town who are always there to help as well. Tragedy brings a lot of pain to not only Hattie and Alice but the whole town, there will be tears and lots of them but out of that pain strength does come back, and when Becca arrives in similar circumstances to Alice’s arrival in the town Alice has the chance to help a young teenager in trouble and together the three woman move forward, not without more pain, but with pain comes love as well.

This book is going to stay with me for a long time to come and I do hope that I have done it justice, I won’t say too much more about the story because I don’t want to give too much away but I loved it, I loved not only Hattie, Alice and Becca but Joey and all of the people of the town, what these three woman went through was tough and they all still found their strength and could still love and care what they drew from each other was beautiful. Thank you MS Docker for an amazing story way to go, this is one that should not be missed

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 30th 2018 by Penguin eBooks

In The Valley of Blue Gums

In The Valley of Blue Gums

J H Fletcher

In The Valley Of Blue Gums by J.H. Fletcher

Reviewed by Helen
J H Fletcher is a new to me author, I had read a lot about this book, great reviews so I thought I might like this one and wow can I say what a book this is, one that grabbed me from the start and pulled me into a dual time line travelling from early days Malaya to worn torn Vietnam tragedy in America and a beautiful vineyard in Tasmania and one that I highly recommend.

We get to know a young Thea Anderson when she is living in Malaya with her parents on a tin farm she is a bright child and eager to learn but life can be hard at times and fleeing the country with Japanese soldiers after her and her mother is something that will stay with her for ever. As the years go by Thea studies to become a journalist and takes up a position with a big newspaper in Australia and becomes a foreign correspondent firstly covering the assignation of President Kennedy in The States and then spends some very dangerous years in Vietnam during the war, but really makes a name for herself with the Americans and gets herself into some dangerous situations to cover stories that she knows need to be highlighted.

Eventually Thea returns to the man she loves in Tasmania Peter Torrance marries him and starts writing books that bring to life the world she lived in while working as a correspondent, and life settles down for her a little, she becomes a mother and continues to write, I loved getting to know Thea and her family J H Fletcher has bought these characters to life on the pages I felt like I was with Thea every step of her journey, I loved her strength and courage that she showed throughout everything that had happened to her.

This is a fast paced story that is beautifully written, the descriptions are fabulous, the characters so real and alive this is a story that should not be missed, it is poignant that had me turning the pages, it is one that will stay with me for a long time to come.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 21st 2018 by MIRA

Burning Fields

Burning Fields

Alli Sinclair

Burning Fields by Alli Sinclair

Reviewed by Helen

This one is set in times of change the second world war has not long ended and there are big changes, men returning home from things that no one should have had to go through woman who have worked tirelessly keeping their countries going are now sent back to the kitchens and Rosie Stanton is on her way home from Brisbane to the family’s cane farm in Piri River Northern Queensland and there will be many upheavals to come. This is a compelling, moving story that had me hooked from page one, this is one not to be missed.

Change is hard for most people and Rosie sees a lot of changes when she arrives home unannounced to the family home she has lost one brother in the war and one is still missing her parents are doing their best and she is home to stay after losing her secretarial job in Brisbane, Rosie joined up in the Australian Woman’s Army during the war and is a very independent woman and finds it hard to be pushed back all the time because she is a woman, on the bus trip home she meets and Italian man on his way to join his family on a neighbouring cane farm will this change Rosie’s life? ‘

Tomas Conti has finally arrived in Australia to join his family so much has happened to him during the war and he is a different person will he ever find true happiness again? Meeting his new neighbour Rosie on that bus might be just what he needs to end the turmoil he goes through.

This is a story that I didn’t want to put down a beautiful so very well deserved romance between Tomas and Rosie but so much more as well so many underlying issues to overcome and I love how Rosie coped with it all her strength and caring comes full force wow what a woman and to see her get her man left me feeling very happy. Tomas is such a hero the things he did for his country helped make him what he is today. MS Sinclair you bought these issues and these wonderful people to life for me on the pages and left me feeling good that they did make a difference in the end with what they went through thank you for a fantastic story. This is one that I highly recommend I did love it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 21st 2018 by MIRA

His Outback Tempatation

His Outback Temptation

Prickle Creek #4

Annie Seaton

His Outback Temptation by Annie Seaton

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed my trip back to Prickle Creek Farm in the Pilliga Scrub in outback New South Wales, I am loving this series that MS Seaton has bought to life on the pages, and this is Sebastian’s story the fourth cousin to arrive back at the farm to do his duty, but Sebastian is a renowned photographer and is not at all sure of what he wants his other cousins have found their true loves here in the country but Sebastian longs for travel and capturing the perfect photo but will he find the perfect partner in Spring Downs?

Sebastian has arrived home in time for a couple of family weddings and to prove to his family that he has what it takes to be a farmer, and he is willing to give up travelling the world but when he runs into Isabella Romano at the airport and they travel together to Spring Downs there are seeds of doubt for Sebastian starting to unfurl in him, life as Sebastian has known it for years is about to change.

Isabella has arrived back in Spring Downs for a six week holiday to catch up with her father it is years since she left and returned to Italy with her mother, she is now a chef and will be off to London to start a new job very soon but she longs to see her parents back together, and after basically jumping on Sebastian at the airport they seem to be pushed together at every turn and Bella’s emotions are changing maybe a holiday fling will do them both some good.

I did love seeing these two get closer and fall in love, both had come back to town for very different reasons neither of them looking for love but when it strikes it strikes and they fell hard for each other, but for Sebastian it took him a bit to see that he was trying so hard to live up to everyone else’s expectations instead of his own where with Bella she knew what she wanted and went after it, but in the end they both wanted each other and with a little push from family they made it. Thank you MS Seaton for another fabulous story one that I highly recommend, I was left feeling very happy.

4/5 stars for a great story

Published May 14th 2018 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Bliss)

Bloodtree River

Bloodtree River

Sarah Barrie

Bloodtree River by Sarah Barrie

Reviewed by Helen

MS Barrie never fails to disappoint me with one of her stories and if you are looking for a fast paced romantic suspense with danger strong characters and an emotional pull well this is a book that I highly recommend, I was on the edge of my seat, cheering the good guys on, as they went after some very bad guys, the setting is fabulous the Tasmanian mountains, all in all this one is a story not to be missed.

Indiana O’Meara has been through so much in her life and became a cop to help people, to make a difference and she is undercover in Tasmania to investigate woman that have gone missing, never realizing that the main suspect would pull at her heart strings the way he did, his caring way with the animals on his cattle station Calico Mountain had her re-thinking a lot, but with a twist to this case that connects to something even more dangerous Indy is in for some big changes in her life and she needs to keep her head on the case.

Logan Atherton comes a cross to most people as a hard man intent on his job of running Calico Mountain but with young woman going missing he is suspicious of many who arrive to work there and with the rumours that are being spread they are short staffed but when Indy arrives and is hired he feels a pull towards her like never before you see Logan doesn’t trust easy there is something about Indy that he cannot put aside. This family run station is doing its best to prove they are not involved in the missing woman but there are many twists that will be uncovered.

This one had me turning the pages honestly it is a fabulous story twists and turns and danger as Indy digs deeper but there are threats coming from all directions and it had me guessing right to the very end so many fabulous characters that all add to the story and wow so much happens in the explosive end. This one is moving and emotional as well as all of the danger involved in catching the bad guys. I loved Logan what a hero he really is the best and he and Indy so deserve to be together. This is one that I highly recommend truly it should not be missed and I do hope that Connor and Tess get their own stories I would love to revisit Calico Mountain. Thank you MS Barrie for another keeper wow I loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published April 23rd 2018 by HQ Fiction

The Things We Don't Say by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE THINGS WE DON’T SAY by author Ella Carey is a July 2018 release by Lake Union Publishing.

Laura had her grandmother’s painting as collateral for her loan. Then she finds that the painting could be a fake. What would happen now? Would Laura be able to prove that the painting is real and painted by the famous painter? She’s determined to uncover all the secrets surrounding this.

On a parallel storyline we read about Laura’s grandmother Emma Temple and her life events leading to the painting of her portrait.  

THE THINGS WE DON’T SAY is an interesting story. It has drama, love, sex and scandal. Author Ella Carey once again brought this well-written story to the readers. This story is thrilling to read as you encounter mysteries and suspense.

Highly recommended for all readers.  


The Things We Don't Say

Ella Carey

The Things We Don't Say by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Helen

This is a compelling story of love and secrets a story lasting over sixty years through two world wars it brings to life the bohemian lifestyles of two very talented artists Emma Temple and Patrick Adams and the circle of artists that surrounded them and the way they lived, and the special painting that ended up being part of a mystery that brings another two people together, make yourself comfortable for this one you will not want to put it down.

Emma Temple a talented artist lived a life as a pacifist easy going caring but strong in her own way, she married and had a son but her husband was never the love of her life that would be renowned artist Patrick Adams, but even though he too loved her he could never love Emma the way she loved him. They lived a bohemian lifestyle sharing house as a group in London and in Sussex travelling and painting theirs was an open love, when Patrick decided to paint a portrait of Emma this became so famous that years later after Patrick’s death it caused a mystery that needed to be solved.

Laura is Emma’s granddaughter a talented musician, who loves her ninety year old grandmother very much, Emma is the last of the famous artists circle still alive and has allowed Laura to use the portrait as collateral for a loan to study music, when it is discovered that the painting may not be the original, this of course starts a lot of rethinking by Emma about the man she loved and brings us closer to a lot more people and brings Laura in contact with art assessor Ewan.

This is a really moving story deep in history and a wealth of fabulous characters and what and how they lived through sixty years the loves the gorgeous artwork and their layback lifestyles, it had me turning the pages as I got to know Emma and Patrick and Laura and the families I loved them all, I loved their personalities and cheered them on with what they went though, there is lots of emotional affairs with different people, but above all there is love a true love that lasts many years. MS Carey has again taken me on a journey that is captivating and I highly recommend it, thank you MS Carey for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: July 1st 2018 by Lake Union Publishing

Lies That Bind

Lies That Bind

Shirley Wine

Lies That Bind by Shirley Wine

Reviewed By Helen

This is a rural romantic suspense set in the beautiful New Zealand and it was a great story, filled with danger and moving emotions that will bring two well deserving people together and help two children who have been through so much feel whole again and part of a family, make yourself comfortable for this one it travels a bit slowly at first then it moves with a punch as danger gets closer and secrets are revealed.

Ex -undercover cop Luke Galloway has spent a lifetime trying very hard to ignore emotion, he lost his parents when he was young and his sister Jenn brought him up and he was not an easy kid, fast forward to now and Luke is now caring for his niece and Nephew after his precious sister Jenn and her husband have been killed in a car accident and left their children fourteen year old Rose and eleven year old Otto with serious injuries. Luke hires physiotherapist Brooke Galbraith to help with their care, and here starts a sensual spark that leads to a lot of emotion and feelings entering Luke’s Life.

Brooke Galbraith has returned to her home town to help her father who has had a stroke it has been a while since she has been home after the dramas and scandals that had her leave, life has been hard for Brooke and love is the last thing she is looking for, but she cannot deny the spark that ignites her when she meets Luke and the caring that she has for his niece and nephew, there are a lot of fears that Brooke needs to overcome to make for a bright and happy future and maybe Luke and the kids can do that.

Luke can be a bit hard and bitter at times especially at the start of this story but he really has been through so much and he is determined to care and love these kids that mean so much to him and Brooke is just the person to help him. A lot comes out in this story about both of their pasts and it cathartic for both of them especially when they find out who is behind the danger that has appeared and who is determined to keep the kids from opening up about what they know. I really enjoyed this story and do recommend it to anyone who loves a story that is sensual and has danger lurking around the corner. Thank you MS Wine.

4/5 stars for a great story
Published April 12th 2018 by Escape Publishing