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From A Paris Balcony by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Nas Dean

FROM A PARIS BALCONY by author Ella Carey is a Lake Union Publishing Ltd release for October 2016.

Sarah West finds about her ancestor Louisa’s death by accident from a letter from Marthe de Florian. And she is intrigued and wants to find out more. How did Louisa really die? Was it a suicide? She goes to Paris and moves in with artist Laurent Chartier. And starts seeing life in a new way.

Then we follow Louisa’s story and find out about her remarkable life and love as Sarah delves in her ancestor’s story. Now Sarah knows what path to follow for her own life.

FROM A PARIS BALCONY is an intriguing story following the lives of two remarkable ladies centuries apart. Both their stories are interesting and will take a reader on a journey of self-exploration. Author Ella Carey pens these spell-binding tales with her books that hooks readers and keeps them engrossed till the very last page. And still keep them in the story world long after they close the book.

Highly recommended for all readers. 


From a Paris Balcony by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Helen

MS Carey has done it again taken me on a journey back in time with heartfelt emotion, romance and drama I felt like I was back in these times, times of courtesans wild living before wars came and changed the world where people had to be what was expected of them and there were the few that could let themselves be who they wanted to for a short time and struggling females could become famous.

Sarah West is struggling to get her life back on track after the death of her parents and the breakdown of her marriage but a letter found among her father's possessions from the famous Parisian Courtesan Marthe de Florian dated 1895 is about to change her life send her to Paris to investigate a long lost relative Louisa West and actually stay in the Paris apartment that belonged to Marthe herself and to meet the artist Laurent Chartier and then delve back in time to the age of the Belle Epoque and the mystery surrounding her great great aunt how did she die?

This is a fabulously written story that delves back in time and brings Sarah's life full circle there is such a blossoming romance between Laurent and Sarah and the settings both in the 1890's and the present are amazing I honestly felt that MS Carey was transporting me to these places. So much history and romance the characters come to life and of course we got to meet up with Cat and Loic from The Paris Time Capsule and to see how woman struggled back then and the courage that Louisa West showed during her life. I hope I have done justice with this review truly I loved this one from page one and can't recommend it enough do yourself a favour and spend a few hours engrossed in this book. Thank you MS Carey for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: October 11th 2016 by Lake Union Publishing

The Art of Keeping Screts

The Art of Keeping Secrets

Rachael Johns

The Art of Keeping Secrets by Rachael Johns

Reviewed by Helen

This story had me riveted from start to finish three best friends Felicity (Flick), Emma and Genevieve (Neve) who met when their boys started high school 6 years before now share a special bond and will do anything for each other but all have their own secrets that they have kept but are now starting to unravel and this is where their friendship steps up and they take a trip to New York together and lives will change there will be tears there will be smiles but the love of these girls never fades.

Flick happily married (or is she) to Seb Emma divorced and struggling financially and being constantly tired and single mum Neve who has kept a secret from her son that starts them on the journey to New York. I felt very close to all three girls their characters are lovable and the emotions that they feel are so true they all come to life on the pages as they all open up with their secrets and help each other as true friends do everyone needs friends and these three are the best.

The Art of Keeping Secrets is an emotional moving story one that will stay with me for a long time MS Johns has written another keeper one that brings out so many emotions and highlights the need for friends true friends that will have your back always through thick and thin, I loved this one it had me crying and there are so many happy times. I highly recommend this one sit back once you start you will not want to be disturbed while reading believe you me as you get to know Flick, Emma and Neve and their families and the secrets that in the end will bring them even closer, awesome story.

5/5 stars for an unforgettable story

Expected publication: September 19th 2016 by Harlequin MIRA

Lily's Leap

Lily's Leap

Tea Cooper

Lily's Leap by Tea Cooper

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this one it took me back to colonial Australia and a very adventurous journey to a HEA it was filled with ups and downs and a very sensual pull between the hero and heroine I was cheering them on while turning the pages.

Lilibeth Dungarven Lily as she is know to her family and friends has led a fairly privileged life in Colonial Australia with a very hard father a loving mother she is married very young to her best friend and neighbour but is also widowed young when her mother and husband are killed in a riding accident and her father has turned to drink so Lily steps up and takes over looking after their land and the horses. When she takes the horses that need to be shipped overseas on a journey to Sydney from The Hunter Valley that should improve things on the home front for her and it does but not the way she expected .

Thomas Roscomon has been in Australia for a while now but has changed what he does for a living he is now a bushranger and when he comes across the lovely Lady her friends and their horses kidnapping is about to be one more change of jobs there is such a spark when he meets the strong will Lily who continually tries to take over. This is going to be a rough journey.

This is the first book by Tea Cooper that I have read but it won't be the last I loved being transported back to this time in Australia's history the setting and scenery are so beautiful and Lily and Tom wow what a hero and heroine Tom had so much in his past that needed to be cleared up and Lily what a strong determined woman and horse rider. I loved the pull and sizzle between them and the up and down journey thank you MS Cooper I thoroughly enjoyed this one and highly recommend it.

4/5 stars for and adventurous story

Published July 1st 2014 by Escape Publishing (first published April 26th 2013)            

In A Heartbeat

In A Heartbeat

Donna MacMeans

In A Heartbeat by Donna MacMeans

Reviewed by Helen

I love MS MacMean's stories and this one was a great read a busy story with lots going on and lots to keep you turning the pages as we see our hero Hank and heroine Angela journey a dangerous and sensual journey to a very lovely HEA.

Angela Blake has had a very quiet life so far ill from birth until the day that she receives a new heart and although her family are very protective of her Angela is determined to be independent and get on with her life she is now an accountant but her life is about to change when she is sent to Hayden Industries to do an audit and there she meets the new CEO Hank and with her investigative skills leading her to fraud and with someone stalking her Angela's life is about to get very dangerous.

Hank Renard is the new CEO at Hayden Industries and he is there to get the company back on track and to make sure that his parents are paid back what he owes them he has to comply with a few things that the owner has made him agree to and he is determined to get everything done but that is about to change when he meets the auditor Angela there is a spark and this is going to change his life especially when Angela seems to be getting into trouble and he is there to help.

This is a fast paced story with a murderer after Angela thinking that she will know who he is after the transplant and then the fraud at the company there is murder there is mayhem but there is a sensual romance as well. Angela is such a strong person and Hank is the knight in shinning armour who is always there to help yes it is a rocky path but one that will have you on the edge of your and smiling I do recommend this one sit back and enjoy. 

4/5 stars for a great story

 Published July 19th 2016      

Sunset Shadows

Sunset Shadows

Bronwyn Parry

Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry

Reviewed by Helen

For me Bronwyn Parry's stories are a must read and this one is brilliant and I am sure they get better the more she writes. I fell into this one from page one and that was it I was lost in the world of cults and police officers and park rangers as lives are put in danger and snap decisions are made and two people that are so deserving of each other journey a road to love and happiness.

Tess Ballard is quiet and sticks to herself and she has a very good understanding of cult life she has been working as a police officer in the small town of Goodabri but when she is called out to help another local police officer Steve Fraser with a cult and the murders of two young woman her life is about to be turned upside down but she is also going to open up with so much danger and a threat to her life and many other lives I think that Tess is such an amazing person and loved getting to know her and seeing her so happy.

Steve Fraser works hard as a detective but his life has been through turmoil as a young boy he lost his sister when he was young and with his father being assistant commissioner they do not get on well but when a couple of young woman are found murdered and he finds his sister Maddie alive. Lives are going to change with so much danger and so much needing to be uncovered. Steve is so caring and strong but with so many worries he needs someone as well and that would be Tess.

This is such a fabulous story MS Parry writes edge of your seat suspense with awesome settings and true to life characters that are believable and well loved. I was crying bucket loads of tears I was so invested in Steve and Tess then Maddie and her children it is emotional moving and inspiring to see Tess come to life with the help from Steve and to catch up with so many "friends" that I have met in previous stories. This is a story that again will stay with me for a long time to come one for the keeper shelf and a must read that I highly recommend. I hope I have done this one justice I truly loved it, it has left me gobsmacked and smiling.

5/5 stars for an awesome story
Expected publication: August 9th 2016 by Hachette Australia

The Grazier's Wife

The Grazier's Wife

Barbara Hannay

The Grazier's Wife by Barbara Hannay

Reviewed by Helen

This one is fabulous it has everything in it that will tick the right boxes for a book that you will not want to put down once you start reading it. Bringing us the emotional and moving story set across three generations of Male Drummonds and three very different heroines and the journeys that they went through with their heroes.

Stella is a nurse working in Singapore in 1946 during the war with danger and excitement but her journey is an emotional roller coaster meeting the love of her life Tom but war time is not so good to her and Tom but she is strong and has made compromises after her return home to Queensland and takes on the role of Graziers wife to Marcus Drummond at the big cattle property Ruthven Downs. Secrets are kept and then threaten to change the lives of many but Tom is never forgotten.

Jackie meets her hero Hugh Drummond in such a fairytale way and love blossoms and now it is Jackie's turn to take on the role of graziers wife after Stella. Jackie loves her life with her loving husband her beautiful children but when a significant birthday is coming up for Hugh, and Jackie organizes a party there is a discovery that could very well change a lot of the Drummond lives.

Alice moves to the small town of Burralea to start her own furniture restoring business she has issues from her past and is happy being single. But when she discovers important old paperwork in furniture that she is restoring for The Drummonds and returns to them she meets Seth Drummond and this really sets of a spark for her could this be the changing of her life and many others? Seth feels this spark as well could he have found his mate after his troubles?

Truly this is a story not to be missed MS Hannay knows how to write a magical story that will grab you from page one a take you on an emotional moving journey with beautiful settings and fabulous people to get to know. You will need tissues for tears and you will be smiling as well the characters are so strong and alive as we journey from Singapore 1946 to Queensland's far north and see what happens to three amazing woman and the loves of their lives, thank you for hours of reading pleasure and a journey that had me smiling.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

   Expected publication: August 1st 2016 by Penguin Books Australia     

The Horseman

The Horseman

Charlotte Nash

The Horseman by Charlotte Nash

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous story this one is MS Nash is a new to me author but I will be looking for more of her stories. If you want a story that will take you to the beautiful high country of Victoria this is the book to pick up the scenery is wonderful and the story is moving and beautiful as two people are bought together by what I think is fate they are meant to be with each other, but this one shows the love that grows between a man and his horses and the strength that comes from that love.

Dr Peta Woodward is on a hike walking on her own she wants that peace and serenity to think and work out what needs to be done with her family horse stud in the Adelaide Hills after the death of her father, Peta has not been home for many years since losing her sister in a tragic accident she is a loner she woks hard and her walks are where she thinks but when she has an accident on the trail and rescued by Craig Munroe Peta has a lot more thinking to do this is a life changer for her in such a good way.

Craig Munroe is from the high country a true horseman he has such a way with them but his life didn't start out too good but when he came to the small town of Yarraman Falls at the age of 10 things improved and he is well regarded in this small community where everyone pitches in and helps and everyone knows everyone. Craig has worries that he keeps to himself he is caring and very close to his sister but when he rescues Peta she is very hard on him and he is not so sure about her but as they get to know each other that changes.

This is a story that has so much going on suspense and bad guy family problems and it shows the hardships of living on a farm and of course the horses they are such strong characters in the story and the up and down journey to a HEA between Peta and Craig. The characters come to life on the pages it is a story that you will want to sit down and read without any disturbances as you feel the emotions from everyone in the story it is beautifully written and I savoured every word I can't recommend this one enough. Do keep the tissues ready as there will be times that tears are shed and you will be smiling also I loved this one.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: June 28th 2016 by Hachette Australia