The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge by Christine Nolfi

Reviewed by Desere

Review for The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge by Christine Nolfi

The Tree of everlasting Knowledge is a new powerful read from author Christine Nolfi. The story centers around a great oak tree found on the property of Fagan Family.
The family is not your average everyday perfect happy family all though that is what they try to convey to the outside world. They try to keep their children close and as protected as possible this coming after the murder of their son Jason 15 years earlier.
They have a new grandchild on the way and decide to build a home on their property for their expecting daughter and her new husband. However this upsets their son Troy on a deep emotional level as the home will be constructed using the existing room of Jason.
Whilst Troy has to deal with the new development he also has to face the past he and Ourania D'Andre share together. Ourania is in charge of the renovation of the new rooms and is determined to do her job and get it over and done with without any complications from her and Troy's past. This job will secure her future in more ways than one.
The secrets in this family deepen when Ourania finds a secret stash of letters in the room of the murdered Jason. The letter holds a secret that could change Troy's life forever and disrupt the entire family.
All the characters holds their very own secrets and all is linked to the great oak tree in the back of the yard, what the tree's mysterious hold over the family and their secrets is ,is so beautifully incorporated into the book by this fabulous author with a truly unique style of writing.
I laughed and even cried and found a new deep meaning in the words tree and family in this book. I can foresee many more amazing tales coming from this author. If you have the opportunity to pick this one up all I can say is prepare to be amazed.
5 /5 star review

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