Without a trace by Lesley Pearse

Reviewed by Desere

Coronation Day, 1953 - Molly Heywood has always been the pillar of strength to her local community, so of of course she rushes over when her friend Cassie fails to attend the Coronation Day party.

But what she discovers is something she could never have been prepared for,  Cassie is gone, vanished without a trace. And worse her six year old daughter , Petal, is gone all Molly has to go on is that she has to get to London to find Petal.

But the secrets she uncover leads to a shocking possibility , she might not find Petal in time!

First things first , the one thing from this read that I absolutely adored, was how the author took Molly through the streets of London, yep baby I am talking Oxford street, I could smell, visualize and touch it all, it was so vividly written and pure brilliance!

The thing that made me bawl my eyes out, was definitely the time period, the 50's was not a time for the weak. It was hard, really hard and with so many various issues that sadly have recently reared it's ugly head again in many societies.  I felt the truly heartbroken at the thought of this suffering that I more than once had to stop reading, re -compose myself before I ventured back in.

Strong, remarkable, mesmerizing characters that completely bowled me over. Great emotional drama and fantastic little bits and pieces that I initially thought were not going to get wrapped up, but it was and I was more than happy.

I recommend this read for all readers, it was engaging and a truly heartbreaking, but as heartbreaking as it was it was a true master piece ! I want more Lesley Pearse !

5/5 star review
" There one minute, gone the next !"

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