Cherry Season by Trish Morey

Cherry Season

Trish Morey

Cherry Season

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful story in an amazing setting the story of two very opposite people who could start a fire with the electrical spark that shoots between them on their first meeting. The journey to a HEA is one that has a few ups and downs that will have you laughing smiling and shedding some tears as well.

Lucy Mariano is a gypsy travelling around the world to where ever takes her fancy she has done this since she was a child with her mother she has had painful times and many happy times and has lots of memories that will always be with her, her next stop The Adelaide Hills for cherry picking season although the plan was to go to Sydney from Melbourne but the wind blew the other way, and will this see Lucy finally wanting to put down roots.

Dan Faraday is an orchardist in the Adelaide hills he runs the family orchard and their main crop is cherries he is a hard working man he doesn't have time for dating especially after having a few bad seasons he is hoping that this cherry season will boost the orchard but of course he needs pickers and he hires Lucy Mariano the American that just blew into town which is so very unlike Dan the organized traditional man and Lucy is so not like that in Dan's eyes but the spark happened and Lucy is staying on the orchard.

This is a story that has everything you would want in a romance it is sensual and the characters are rich and alive I fell for the rest of the family and the spark between Lucy and Dan lights up the pages as you turn them the banter between them is wonderful, it is a heart-warming emotional journey as Lucy feels the connection as soon as she arrives at the orchard and not just with Dan. Truly come along for the journey it is magical and one not to be missed. This is another keeper for my bookshelf and I will never eat another cherry without happily thinking of Lucy and Dan and The Adelaide Hills.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: November 24th 2015 by Macmillan Australia