The Traitor's Girl

The Traitor's Girl

Christine Wells

The Traitor's Girl by Christine   Wells

Reviewed by Helen

This is a compelling story of intrigue, spies, danger betrayal and secrets that are finally going to come out years after the Second World War. It all starts when Annabel Logan gets a strange phone call from a woman claiming to be her grandmother Caroline Banks (Carrie) saying that she is in danger and needs her to travel from Australia England immediately and wow what a journey it is for Annabel, this one had me turning the pages with so much curiosity about what was going to happen, this is a story not to be missed.

Simon Colepeper is a journalist with secrets himself he has befriended Carrie and is learning all of her secrets for a book but when there are threats made against Carrie she flees and leaves Simon to protect Annabel, but Simon must be her bodyguard and not get close to her, you see Annabel is such a strong and caring woman and he is drawn to her strength and personality but there is a lot to uncover and danger lurking.

Annabel has arrived at her long lost grandmother Caroline Banks’s home Beechwood to find her gone she is met by firstly a goose then saved by journalist Simon Colepeper who helps her learn about Carrie and there is a lot to learn she listens to tapes and meets one of Carrie’s friends Eve who also helps with the past. Annabel and Simon do a lot of investigating to try and find out what danger Carrie thought she was in, was the past coming back to threaten her?

Where do I start this is such a fabulous story written so well the characters come to life on the pages, Russian spies, MI5 secret agents and what they all did and went through just before the war during it and after, lives and loves that are lost so much happening so many memories and heartache but above all a story that did have me smiling in the end Simon and Annabel had that pull from their first meeting goose and all and to see Annabel and Carrie finally a family together after what they had both been through was wonderful thank you MS Wells for another magical story that will stay will me for a long time to come, one for the keeper shelf. I do highly recommend this one it truly is one not to be missed.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Published May 1st 2017 by Penguin Random House