This Fragile Life by Kate Hewitt

Reviewed by Desere

Best friends will do crazy stuff together but their lives do not always go in the same direction.  Yet some stick together no matter what, but when life offers up the ultimate test of friendship , holding it together seems more fragile than eggshells.

In the new Kate Hewitt read this is the case for best friends Alex and Martha. Alex's life is a complete mess, it is always the one thing after the other when it comes to her, barely holding down a job, battling to pay her apartment and as for being in a real relationship that is a whole other story she cannot even remember the last time she even had one of those.

Unlike Alex her best Martha's life is on track, she achieved it al,  a high powered career, a loving husband and a gorgeous home but as they say family makes the home and that is the one thing Martha does not have, she craves a baby of her own to complete her perfect life.

So when Alex hits yet another major fly by night obstacle and discovers she is expecting, the solution seems obvious give the child to Martha as she can provide for him or her much better than my-life-is-always-on-the-move Alex.

But as every mother knows once you carry your child for nine months letting them go is never easy, you become attached and as the time nears for Alex to let of of her little fragile new life and surrender him or her into the arms of her best friend, she starts realising how precious life is and what an amazing gift she has received, that is until the baby is diagnosed with a generic disorder and suddenly it is life or death for both friends and this is one decision that will not be easy for either one.

The characters of both Alex and Martha were so well written , with emotions so strong that even if the story had a non sadness element I still would have found myself bawling my eyes out. The author gave me Alex as the indecisive mother torn between wanting her child and realizing that she would not be able to care for him or her. Her emotions bouncing around so much had be thinking how tough it must for any single woman expecting, yes it is different it if you know you are able to take care of it financially but what about the woman that simply cannot and needs to make a life changing decision of letting go and never being able to see or hold her child again. The author brought this message across very vividly through Alex's side of the story.

The character of Martha was to me a bit of a mess but not because the author did not bring out her best or for lack of description, rather because I felt her reaction to the unborn child being diagnosed with a generic disorder was just wrong. Not being able to have children I would think that having the chance to have any child ill or not ill would be the best gift of life. So yes I was not nuts about her character but I could also understand that the author was trying to show that each and every woman has a different reaction to becoming a mother.

I am taking away a message of life has it curveballs for us all, but when the ball hits you harder than you thought, don't fall and lose sight of your dreams simply because the dreams are not as perfect as you wanted them to be. Take the risk and face what comes your way, it might be more than what you asked for in the sense that it will be so much more for-fulling. And most importantly when you have the ball in your hands ensure that what you want is what you really are ready for.

I highly recommend this read, it was heart-warming, gut wrenching, emotional and extremely powerful. Not for the faint of heart, but if you love a good eye-opener with a real life message and don't mind the tears this one is for you.

5/5 star review
" The bond of friendship is strong but motherhood is unbeatable"