The Reawakening by KD Richardson

Reviewed by Desere

This was a truly interesting and very realistic read. It centers around Herman Tate. He is like most business savvy people out there, very focused on his goals and failure is never an option.

So when he has a minor stroke and wakes up thinking he is someone completely else it becomes clear that life is trying to tell him something, but unfortunately for his family they are hearing a complete different message.

I truly enjoyed this read, it brought home the message of when our lives spirals out of control something has to give. It is the message that what we have been doing is too much or completely off the mark we should be on.

The message that stood out the most for me as reader, was that when we close our eyes to all possibilities in life and only focus on achieving our own goals then we truly do miss what our friends and families are seeing and hearing.

They see and hear everything we say and do, but we don't. We only hear what we want to hear and see only our own ideas and if our rules are not played then life just is not going the way we want it to, and this makes us even more focused on the things only we want and not what we need.

So when you find yourself standing at a cross road of feeling like you don't fit in, it's time to let the real you come alive, dig down deep and find the person you truly are before it;s too late and no one will ever really remember you for you, instead they will recall a person who only lived for their own goals.

I recommend this read for anyone looking for a great read filled with a stunning message of life can go wrong so much quicker than you think and if we don't face up to it, it will all be over too soon.

4.5 star review
" Life is like a round of golf, you never know where your aim will land"
Reviewed by Nas

THE REAWAKENING by author Kent Richardson is a February 2014 release.

Herman Tate wakes up from a coma as a different person with different set of memories. He doesn't recognise his own body so how would his family know him?

He wants to get away from his so called family. The family relationship is depicted realistically as some dysfunctional families don't really care about each other.

THE REAWAKENING makes us open our eyes and mind to an alternative reality. It's a gripping story. Author Kent Richardson is a masterful story-teller and brings this story to life on the pages. Readers would be hooked till the very last page.