The Separation by Dinah Jefferies

Reviewed by Desere

Every mother out there knows being separated from your children is the worse thing that can happen. You will never know if they become successful, get married or even have children of their own. But every mother will also tell you, that there is nothing you would not do to be reunited with your children, even if it takes years.

In this read this is the very situation that Lydia find herself trapped in. Set in 1955 in Malaya , we meet Lydia who returns home to find her once filled family home now empty. There is no sign of her husband, Alec, and no sign of her daughters, even the servants are gone. The phone lines are dead and so is everything else, all trace of a family life has been erased!

Lydia of course immediately goes through an entire rig-ma-roll to search for answer and ends up getting some vital information from her husbands boss and sets off on a dangerous journey across civil -war torn Malaya to find her family.

And so begins the long road to find her children and make her family whole again, as she travels far and wide she learns of secrets and lies and slowly but surely her husband is shown in a very different light.

The read also gives us a glimpse into what the eldest, Emma, is thinking as they depart, why is mom not coming with, and why is dad refusing to answer any questions ?

The read focus mainly on the diary entries, of Emma and Lydia as the years go by, both with endless questions, Lydia searching and Emma not understanding why her mother never comes.

A truly remarkable read of the bond between mother and child, and just how very badly things can go wrong when communication never enters a relationship!

Gripping, emotional and a definite keeper!

5/5 star review
" Being separated doesn't mean you'll never come back" 

** Now available at Penguin Books South Africa