The Truth According to us by Annie Barrows

Reviewed by Desere

When first looking at the blurb for this read I thought that it must be quite the battle for a debutante to be disinherited and then having to find her feet in life after having a high-tea type of life for so long.

That alone was enough to interest me because I wanted to see just exactly how this author was going to bring out that emotional, challenge.  Not to mention that there is the secret of the town where our main character ends up. Secrets in any genre has always intrigued me, it must be human nature or maybe it's because I love piecing mysteries together and the challenge of trying to see if I can get all the puzzle pieces slotted before the actual truth is revealed by the author.

Either way those two elements got my attention and I could not wait to dig in when this read arrived. Now onward to what I found hidden in the pages. I found a truly surprisingly very well written read, with an endless array of secrets from the depression era. Some secrets intrigued me, others shocked me to the core and others were easier to grasp.

The characters were well developed and very believable for 1938, in some reads where the same time period is applied it's always amazingly shocking to see just how badly the author create the characters and make them in to a human that simply does not fit the role of actual of fictional , some are developed to the extent where there is just simply no logical way that it could ever being true and it leaves me to wonder what exactly is happening in  the author's  mind. So I was more than happy to see it being done properly this time.

The setting of the small town of Macedonia was fascinating , not just because of it being brought to life in the 1938's but because the entire plot was so exquisitely crafted around this small little almost sleepy town, because let me tell you as they say looks can be deceiving and in this case it really was. The town looks all picture perfect but when you go digging as the main character does so much more comes to light and the picture perfect image goes out the window and reality comes waltzing through the front door!

Well written, excellent development of characters, a brilliant read through and through! Highly recommended.

5/5 star review
" The truth according to the town's folk is all you need to know"  

*** Complimentary copy received from Penguin Random House in exchange for a honest review