The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns

The Patterson Girls

Rachael Johns

Reviewed by Helen

The Patterson Girls by Rachael Johns

WOW what can I say this is a story that will hook you from the start it is emotional and heart-warming it is going to make you cry and smile as we journey on a road to get to know the Patterson Sisters Madeline, Lucinda, Charlie and Abigail and the secrets that have been kept for many years.

Each sister has of course their own opinions and their strengths, personalities and problems but when they all journey back home to the small South Australian town of Meadow Brook and the motel they had grown up in for the first Christmas without their mother to be with their father and they learn about the Patterson curse things start to change for them all it has them all thinking but it does bring them closer together and they start to look at their own lives and what they really want.

The Paterson family are so real and come to life on the pages as do the other characters that help to make this story a beauty the emotions are so heartfelt and honest do make sure you have a box of tissues very close because you are going to need them. As all the girls find their soul mates and we are smiling another twist is added that will have your turning those pages.

This story is a fabulous read with everything that is going to keep you so involved and intrigued throughout the trip with Madeline, Lucinda, Charlie and Abagail and the other wonderful characters that become part of the family along the way truly don't miss this one it is going to be with me for a long time to come. I really love a story that will make me feel such emotions while reading it and this one hits all the buttons.

5/5 stars a fantastic story
Mira September 2015 release.