Loving Lucy: A Prickle Farm Romance by Melody Edmonds

Loving Lucy: A Prickle Farm Romance

Melody Edmonds

Loving Lucy by Melody Edmonds

Reviewed by Helen

WOW this is such a great story it is one that you will pick up and not want to put down I loved the setting Prickle Farm in the Pilliga Scrub in the western NSW Australia as four cousins are called home to the farm by their grandmother after a terrible tragedy years before had made them grieve differently and not come home for eight years but life is about to change for them all and the first story in this series is Lucy Peterkin's.

After the accident Lucy became a city girl she has a great job as a copy writer and is very happy in her unit in Sydney, after all she hated the flies the heat smelly cattle and the prickles but when her grandmother called Lucy she was happy to go home and help out on the farm but she did not count on it changing her whole life when she runs into Garth McKenzie her neighbour and her first boyfriend.

Garth has now taken over his family farm after going of to University and working hard for years he is happy but he is even happier when he meets up with Lucy even though there are a few problems with the neighbours at the moment that spark from their teenage years is still there can he convince Lucy to stay in the country and move in with him.

This really is a heart-warming sensual story of lovers reunited and family tragedy and the way people grieve I loved it from start to finish the setting is wonderful and so real the characters come alive on the page and to see all of the cousins interact with their grandparents is fabulous and you will be cheering them all on laughing smiling and shedding tears don't miss this one Lucy and Garth's HEA is amazing I can't wait for the next one in the series Liam's story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published November 29th 2015