The Farmer's Perfect Match

The Farmer's Perfect Match

Marilyn Forsyth

The Farmer's Perfect Match by Marilyn Forsyth

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous debut MS Forsyth has written a book that will have you turning the pages enjoying the beautiful setting and loving the characters as they come to life on the pages.

Adam Armstrong is a pearl farmer and he literally lives in paradise in The Kimberly Western Australia on Paradise Pearl farm and it means everything to him you see Adam has had a really sad start in life and that is locked up inside and is something that he never talks about but he has the love of his foster mother and his late foster father and they taught him how to be such a caring man and the fact that he is so good looking adds to his appeal, but alone on the farm now he wants a mate a woman to love so because of the isolation with the help of his mum and her friends at the retirement village Adam is now a contestant on the reality TV show Perfect Mate this is going to change his life for the better.

Evangeline Sinclair Evie as she is known to everyone is given the job of PA for this new show and she is determined to prove to her producer father and her mentor the editor of the show that she is perfect for this job after there have been some problems for her in her past position at the TV station. Evie has a few hang-ups from her past that she needs to overcome as well but she is caring a good listener and smart and she is determined to help Adam find his perfect partner from the two woman that have been chosen to arrive at the farm and vie for Adam's love this should be good and nothing could rock the boat could it.

But as in most cases true love never runs smoothly and with an instant spark between Adam and Evie when they meet and instincts causing problems with the contestants especially one of them and the editor being very hard nosed this is a story that has lots of ups and downs, tears will be shed and you will smile as Evie gets Adam to finally open up about his childhood so as he can move forward and love deeply and Evie realises a lot of her hang-ups from her younger years are best forgotten. This really is a beautifully written story the setting what can I say awesome I need to visit The Kimberly but the strength and emotions from both Adam and Evie just come to life I felt like I was with them throughout their journey thank you MS Forsyth for a wonderful story that gave me hours of reading pleasure I highly recommend this one and I look forward to many more stories from this author.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published February 1st 2016 by MIRA