The North Wind

The North Wind

Dungirri  #3.5

Bronwyn Parry

The North Wind by Bronwyn Parry

Reviewed by Helen
MS Parry never fails to write a story that is fabulous in this Christmas novella we are back in the outback country town of Dungirri and the close knit people of the town are still getting over the problems they have had in the past but together these people stand and give what they can to help people always.

Dr Owen Caldwell is bringing his ninety year old grandfather Dr Bernard Chynoweth to a town neither have ever been to but Owen suspects that there is a definite mission on his grandfathers mind and it is going to take a bit to get it out of him. Bernard has a secret that must be told before the time comes for him to move on and that involves a long standing member of the Dungirri town.

Angie Butler is back home for Christmas staying with her Mum and happily hoping that her mother will finally sell the pub that has been in the family for many years but is now run by another local Gil. But when she meets a stranger in town who is very handsome the vibes and spark start Angie thinking and her world is about to change.

I loved being back in Dungirri back with "friends" and this time for Christmas although not an edge of your seat suspense this time there is a secret to uncover and emotions and feelings aplenty as we see a few changes and lots of smiles and tears as well. I read this one slowly so as I could savour every word so beautifully written it pulled me in from page one and had me smiling and sighing thank you MS Parry for another keeper and I do so hope there will be more stories from Dungirri. I highly recommend this one. 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

  Published December 13th 2016 by Firetail Press