The Long Paddock

The Long Paddock

Alissa Callen

The Long Paddock by Alissa Callen

Reviewed by Helen

This a beautiful moving and emotional story that shows us the love of the small town country community what they go through in times of drought and storms and when loved ones health is causing problems how they step up and help. MS Callen has written a magical story that had me turning the pages to see Denham Rigby champion bull rider and Cressida Knight Cowgirl journey to a second chance HEA.

Denham has moved back home from Montana after being away for three years he has just lost his mother and has plans for the family property Claremont but he also has a lot of worries family secrets and the only person he will ever love neighbour Cressy whom he broke of their relationship three years ago for reasons he feels he must shoulder she is the last person he wants to hurt.

Cressy lives on the family property they are suffering from drought and she is doing it tough she has her animals a bull Reggie a cockatoo Kevin and faithful Kelpie Tippy truly these animals are the best loved them. Cressy is caring strong and well- loved in the community she has a sister who lives in the city but the farm holds Cressy’s heart as does neighbour Denham who is back home and Cressy has a decision to make does she push to get Denham back or not.

This is a story that I did not want to put down it pulls you in I felt so connected to the characters in the small town of Woodlea Denham is haunted by the family secrets he is quiet and strong and so loved but Cressy is determined to win her man back and does not give in till she has him these two people so needed each other there were tears and smiles. I hope I have done this one justice because it is going to stay with me for a long time thank you MS Callen for an amazing story that looked at the hardships that the back bone of this country struggles with and did it so well.

5/5 stars for an awesome story

Expected publication: February 1st 2017 by MIRA