Wayward Heart

Wayward Heart

Cathryn Hein

Wayward Heart by Cathryn Hein

Reviewed by Helen

I loved this one OMG another keeper and just saying love Granny B whom I met in Rocking Horse Hill, I love her character she brings so much to the story and this is one that you are not going to want to put down so make yourself comfortable when you start.

Jasmine Thomas has grown up in this area and has always felt safe and comfortable she has friends that she is very close to family a good job but she has had a bad relationship that did not sit well with some of the people around but has been kept quiet and now there has been some vandalism on her house in the beautiful town of Admella Beach and Jas is not going to go to the police she does not want this being gossip, but she is very surprised when her best friends brother Digby steps in to help and feelings that surprise both of them get stronger.

Digby Wallace-Jones has been to hell and back losing the love of his life in a tragedy he is withdrawn and quiet but when he sees that Jasmine is locking her gate he feels that something is wrong and that he needs to help and with this help for Jasmine it also helps Digby she brings him out. Who knew that a few episodes of Dr Who and the quiet peaceful evenings spent together would get them both to open up and become whole again.

This really is an amazing story about two tortured people who become even better friends with very sensual benefits and get them living again as they should, both feel that this probably should not be happening but you can't stop love and their journey is a beautiful one that had me in tears and cheering them on and smiling throughout. The setting is fabulous the characters that have become friends from other stories add so much to the story and again Granny B the best :) Thank you MS Hein for a story that will stay with me for a long time.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: December 12th 2016 by Harlequin Mira