Promise of Hunters Ridge

Promise of Hunters Ridge

Hunters Ridge #3

Sarah Barrie

Promise of Hunters Ridge by Sarah Barrie

Reviewed by Helen

OMG this is a brilliant finish to this fabulous series MS Barrie had me on the edge of my seat through this one it is fast paced action filled as Mia gets her HEA after everything that Mia has been through this heroine is one tough girl I cried and smiled the powerful emotions that are bought to life on the pages will honestly have you biting your nails. Sit back make yourself comfortable you will not want to put this one down until you see what happens to an evil serial killer.

“By the time this is all over, she’ll know what it’s like to kill, or what it’s like to die”
Mia has lived with this thought for some time now since a serial killer went after her sister Ally then her friend Ebony and to have what happened to her at the last hunt she knows her time is running out and Mia is doing everything she can to be prepared. But falling for Detective Ben Bowden is not in her plans they have had a rough relationship from the start and Mia is one feisty strong but vulnerable heroine and Ben is getting to her in lots of ways.

Ben is a tough detective he has been on this case from the start and is getting closer to catching the killer but new clues and more information keep coming up and with it his need to protect Mia at all costs if she will let him that is. He knows their past doesn’t help but he must find a way to get her to trust him and the spark is getting stronger and this helps to start a stronger friendship as they start to work together to get Rob.

I feel at bit speechless with this one it truly is absolutely fabulous the strength and courage that Mia shows had me cheering her on and crying for her as well and Ben what a hero to die for he goes to such painful lengths to keep her safe that pull them apart but when they eventually get closer again with the help of friends and family there will be tears again. I loved the depth of these characters in this story getting to know them and feeling like they are close friends is amazing. The end of this book is amazing it will knock your socks off. I loved, loved this story and this series thank you MS Barrie for another keeper way to go. I would really love to see Indy get her own story 

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: March 31st 2017 by Harlequin Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd