The House by the Lake by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Nas

THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE by author Ella Carey is a March 2016 release by Lake Union Publishing.

Anna is astonished when her grandfather, Max, reveals a startling secret about his past. He brings her the news article about the abandoned Paris apartment which is the linked to his past. And he implores her to go to his family’s estate in Berlin and bring back something he had hidden there.

Could Anna do it? Would Anna find what she sets out to get? What else would she find on her journey? Was Max the man Anna though he was? Why did people in his village had such a negative image of him?

Once I started reading THE HOUSE BY THE LAKE, I couldn’t stop. I had to find out all the secrets and family skeletons. Readers would get engrossed in this story by author Ella Carey and by the end of the story forget where they are. Because this story takes a reader on a special journey to Paris as well as Berlin. And uncovers much more than family skeletons. It uncovers the betrayal of loved ones. Family pressure during war and the aftermath is brought to the surface.

Highly recommended for all readers.  


The House By The Lake
The House by the Lake

Ella Carey

The House by the Lake by Ella Carey

Reviewed by Helen

This is an amazing story that I loved from page one it is magical, emotional and is a joy to read as we slip back in time to Europe 1930's just before world war 2 the pressure that the men woman and families were under and the remarkable love story that is unfolded by a granddaughter in 2010 after the discovery of an apartment in Paris that had been locked up since the war.

Anna Young runs a café in San Francisco she is very close to her grandfather Max who is 94 he has never spoken about his past and has destroyed any photos that he once had but when he reads an article in a newspaper about an apartment in Paris that has been discovered untouched since world war 2 he decides that it is time to talk to Anna and he asks her to return to his past and Germany to retrieve something that means so much to him. Anna is intrigued by what Max tells her and leaves for Germany to start her search but when she arrives she feels at home, there is a bond that is so strong and when she arrives at Schloss Siegel Max's old family palace it is very run down but she sees the beauty and feels the past, but she needs help and that comes in the form of the Lawyer who handles the estate Wil Jager and together they journey along a path that will uncover secrets about a love affair between Anna's grandfather Max Albrecht and Isabelle de Florian the granddaughter of the infamous Paris Courtesan Mathe de Florian once owner of the mysterious apartment in Paris.

This is a beautifully written story that was a joy to read from start to finish there will be tears shed as you feel the emotions of the past and the present and as Anna learns so much about her family and the terror and hardships of the war years but also the love that runs so deep and as we see Anna and Wil get closer and the heartfelt joy that comes their way. This is the follow on from the book The Paris Time Capsule which was awesome and I can recommend this book to anyone who wants to get lost in another time and marvel at the journey, truly grab yourself a drink and sit back for a fabulous journey this one will be on my keeper self and read many times over thank you MS Carey for another awesome story and the smiles it has brought me.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: March 29th 2016 by Lake Union Publishing



This is a story that you want to sit down, put your feet up and totally relax.  It deserves the time dedicated to it to read and not be rushed.  That way I feel every detail that is going to be soaked up and enjoyed the way it deserves to be.

Ella Carey has written a spellbinding story which anyone who used to read family saga's back in the day would enjoy.  I can't really say anything extra that anybody else has already written because from what I can see everyone who has read it has picked up on the same feelings I have.  Going back to the 30s is written with such carefulness that it was like I was there and I felt nostalgic for the days where I did have all weekend to curl up with a damn good book.

Will definitely be added to the shelf for keeping and re-reading.


"The House by the Lake" by Ella Carey is a wonderful, story about secrets from the past that are brought into today. Anna's Grandfather, Max, shows her a newspaper article from the past about an abandoned Paris apartment. It is linked to his past and affects her. We learn about 1930's Europe, the family history, betrayal, war, and what this means for Anna. The author does an amazing job of jumping back and forth between the past and present. Wonderful story and highly recommended. I didn't rush through this book because I didn't want to miss anything.


Everyone has a past. Irrespective of it being acknowledged or not.

Same is true for this particular story.

Anna has been tasked by her grandfather to retrieve a personal artifact from a palace of a house in Germany where he used to live back in the pre war times.

In getting the artifact not only she uncovers her family's history but also finds the one man for herself who will stand by her side come what may.

A interesting journey made all the more informative with the snippets from a long forgotten past.


It’s been some time now since I indulged in a historical romance and Ella Carey’s new book The House by the Lake cemented all the reasons why I love the genre so much! The House by the Lake is storytelling at its best: unique, riveting, well-written with heartbreaking romance at the very center… this is the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy day when you’re all alone at home. The raw, intense emotions, the vividly descriptive scenes scuttling between modern day and the life-changing era of WWII…this is a story so passionate, so moving it will stir your heart with its profoundness. This is a book set in Paris and Germany, where part is true and the other fictional but I must commend Ms. Carey on doing her homework with researching vital facts. As a reader I was taken back in time to places I’ve never visited, to an era I’ve never known yet Ms. Carey’s vivid prose did not make me feel as if I were an outsider. Her story is so raw and electrifying, her characters so real and three-dimensional, her plot so complex you just read on to know what happens next. The steaming chemistry between Anna and Wil gives the story depth. The supporting characters add life and diverseness to the moving plot. Overall, a great historical story written by an amazing author whose book is sure to entertain a lover of historical romances!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


An intriguing story that portrays many emotions throughout as we go on a journey of old regrets, young dreams and what might have beens. I'm generally not a big fan of traveling back in time in novels, but this author makes it easy to follow whether it's present day or decades prior and the story flows well.

Anna Young is happily content with her life, running a business she enjoys and spending lots of time with her grandfather Max Albrecht, who at 94 is still sharp as a tack and the light of her life. When a news story breaks about an apartment in Paris that was abandoned in many years ago, she notices Max taking interest in it and then stewing about it for days afterward. He finally tells her he once knew the people that lived there, and then speaks a little of his past, which he has never done in all of her years. He tells her that she stems from an aristocratic family in East Germany who fled during the Soviet invasion and that some of those times are his biggest regret in life. He urges her to make a trip to Berlin to attempt to retrieve a treasure he left hidden in his childhood home in old Prussia.

She finally relents and embarks on a journey to locate his house and try to figure out how to access it. She meets up with a young man by the name of Wil along the way who helps her find the answers that she needs to reveal the past.


A world war 2 story that will take you on a journey that envelopes you between the past and the present. Anna is happy and contented with her life in San Francisco until she finds out that her Grandfather has kept a secret for so many years. A secret that will have her travel to Germany in a search for an item gone missing and find out what exactly happened so many years before . She meets a man who may have information about what exactly happened all those years ago ,but will he want or even be able to help her unlock the mystery . This story will pull you in and keep you guessing it will enlighten you and make you aware of how things truly were at the time of Hitler's power, and discover how people basically survived during this time let alone how they actually lived. A truly horrible time in history. An emotional read that besides her lovely descriptions she has written a story that keeps you enthralled. A truly enjoyable journey to discover Anna's past.. . A wonderful book by Ms. Carey and one not to be missed.