In A Heartbeat

In A Heartbeat

Donna MacMeans

In A Heartbeat by Donna MacMeans

Reviewed by Helen

I love MS MacMean's stories and this one was a great read a busy story with lots going on and lots to keep you turning the pages as we see our hero Hank and heroine Angela journey a dangerous and sensual journey to a very lovely HEA.

Angela Blake has had a very quiet life so far ill from birth until the day that she receives a new heart and although her family are very protective of her Angela is determined to be independent and get on with her life she is now an accountant but her life is about to change when she is sent to Hayden Industries to do an audit and there she meets the new CEO Hank and with her investigative skills leading her to fraud and with someone stalking her Angela's life is about to get very dangerous.

Hank Renard is the new CEO at Hayden Industries and he is there to get the company back on track and to make sure that his parents are paid back what he owes them he has to comply with a few things that the owner has made him agree to and he is determined to get everything done but that is about to change when he meets the auditor Angela there is a spark and this is going to change his life especially when Angela seems to be getting into trouble and he is there to help.

This is a fast paced story with a murderer after Angela thinking that she will know who he is after the transplant and then the fraud at the company there is murder there is mayhem but there is a sensual romance as well. Angela is such a strong person and Hank is the knight in shinning armour who is always there to help yes it is a rocky path but one that will have you on the edge of your and smiling I do recommend this one sit back and enjoy. 

4/5 stars for a great story

 Published July 19th 2016