Lily's Leap

Lily's Leap

Tea Cooper

Lily's Leap by Tea Cooper

Reviewed by Helen

I really enjoyed this one it took me back to colonial Australia and a very adventurous journey to a HEA it was filled with ups and downs and a very sensual pull between the hero and heroine I was cheering them on while turning the pages.

Lilibeth Dungarven Lily as she is know to her family and friends has led a fairly privileged life in Colonial Australia with a very hard father a loving mother she is married very young to her best friend and neighbour but is also widowed young when her mother and husband are killed in a riding accident and her father has turned to drink so Lily steps up and takes over looking after their land and the horses. When she takes the horses that need to be shipped overseas on a journey to Sydney from The Hunter Valley that should improve things on the home front for her and it does but not the way she expected .

Thomas Roscomon has been in Australia for a while now but has changed what he does for a living he is now a bushranger and when he comes across the lovely Lady her friends and their horses kidnapping is about to be one more change of jobs there is such a spark when he meets the strong will Lily who continually tries to take over. This is going to be a rough journey.

This is the first book by Tea Cooper that I have read but it won't be the last I loved being transported back to this time in Australia's history the setting and scenery are so beautiful and Lily and Tom wow what a hero and heroine Tom had so much in his past that needed to be cleared up and Lily what a strong determined woman and horse rider. I loved the pull and sizzle between them and the up and down journey thank you MS Cooper I thoroughly enjoyed this one and highly recommend it.

4/5 stars for and adventurous story

Published July 1st 2014 by Escape Publishing (first published April 26th 2013)