The Wattle Seed Inn

 The Wattle Seed Inn

Leonie Kelsall

Reviewed by Helen

I am not sure where to start on telling everyone how fabulous this book is, Leonie Kelsall has again written a story that is filled with emotion, wonderful characters, it is witty and fun and in a setting that I just want to move to and be with everyone. Another awesome story that is sure to pull readers in and keep them turning the pages.

Gabrielle Moreau has decided that it is time to take control of her life, she is in partnership in a top PR company and when her partner tells her that she lacks passion, Gabrielle is going to prove him wrong and takes ownership of the dilapidated hotel in the small riverside country town of Wurruldi to turn it into a fabulous B&B, not only will this show her passion it will change her life in so many ways.

Hayden Paech is a stonemason, builder and has lived in Settlers Bridge and Wurruldi for his whole life all he wanted was a woman to love and share everything with, but life didn’t turn out that way for him when a decision he made turned everything upside down. He does not plan to love again because that only causes pain when you lose them.

Ilse has lived her whole life at The Wurruldi Hotel, she has seen many changes over the years some not to her liking but the gardens were special to her as are her memories of the past but things change when the lovely Gabrielle arrives and starts bringing the hotel back to life and beautifully so, it sees her come to terms with her past as well.

Gabrielle and Hayden are drawn to each other on their first meeting, but neither were going to admit it, both have secrets that they are going to keep to themselves but before long Gabrielle is looking for builders to help renovate the hotel and Hayden is there to help and the more time they spend together the more their feelings grow, to something beautiful that they both deserves so much, of course true love doesn’t always run smoothly and they both need to open up about their past to let their love flow.

I loved this one so much, I savoured every word in this book, felt part of the community, as MS Kelsall bought the characters to life on the pages, so beautifully written. I loved Hayden and felt for him and was thrilled when he found what he needed to in his life to see him go forward with love and Gabrielle I loved seeing her leave her privileged life behind to find the true love that makes her soar and find the passion that has always been there and Ilse what at a lady there were tears from me when she found her peace again. I do highly recommend this one, it is a story not to be missed.

My thanks to Allen & Unwin for my ARC to read and review

5 stars
Expected publication: July 2nd 2021 by Allen & Unwin AU